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Overall, it was an enjoyable time writing these chosen topics for the blogs. These blogs are related to the material culture studies and the issues related to the wider world we live in.

From doing these blogs, it helped me learn many aspects that were related to product design such as different subcultures, sustainability, ethics, the different brands and the market. It has help me gained knowledge of different problems that can be solved my using semiotics to interpret the meaning of the product.

Design is global as we see design every day, whether it is on TV or in shopping centres. Products are commercialised in a way to gain the viewers’ attention to buy the product. By caring for the environment, management of waste and making the products more sustainable. It influences people’s decisions on how sustainable the product is and the environment impact.

Global marketing can affect the masculinity and femininity of the audiences. Design and marketing have impacted on different target audiences because of how the cars are advertised. Perception plays a vital role on the target audience which influences on buying cars that fits the user needs.

Brands play a key role in advertising. It communicates to audience to buy their products globally. Brands are easily recognisable in products. By creating visuals, it helps to communicate the company’s concept to the audience by advertising the products global. Brands are easily recognisable in products. Brands influences people to make choices. Visual and mechanical elements such as form, aesthetics and function tells us more about the product.

Niche marketing is when company’s or businesses target a specific part of the market. They are only focusing on a minority as they are not globalising their products which may not suit the rest of the market. Niche marketing can provide certain exclusivity to certain target market as the products can be sold as a high price.

These blogs helped to make the style of writing professional as many viewers would be seeing these blogs. By writing blogs, it helps to state the issues and possible solutions. From writing blogs, it helped with analysing what is out there and critical thinking. It helped to make me a better thinker and a better writer by presenting work to the world that everyone can see online. If I carried on writing blogs, it will be topics and issues related to design. Overall, this has been a good experience as it has widen my thoughts about design.