How design and marketing of cars impact the types of genders

Design and marketing have impacted on different target audiences because of how the cars are advertised. Perception plays a vital role on the target audience which influences on buying cars that fits the user needs. There are features such as aesthetics, function and social. Most car advertising is aimed at a certain target audience to make them buy their brand.

Cars are viewed as more masculine because of their muscular design and performance. Cars in today’s society are built for speed, performance and durability because of the wide range of modern technology available. By using modern technology, designers can design cars to appeal to the user. Most modern cars such as the La Ferrari (Fig 1), Lamborghini and Ford Mustang appeal to a masculine audience because they are classed as a super car; assuming everyone wants to own one. Aesthetics, branding and performance has a vital role to modern cars because of their slim design to show the market that their car is lightweight, fast and functional. This shows cars are viewed as more masculine then feminine.


Figure 1: La Ferrari 2014

From a journal article quotes, [“When people see a car with the Ferrari symbol on it, for example, they may think immediately of the prestigious status that they would gain by owning and driving such an expensive car. This evokes a kind of reaction that involves a yearning to be socially affiliated with the product, and a desire to select the product because of its social status rather than its form or function”], XUE, L. and YEN, C.C. (2007).

However, some cars such as the Honda Fit she’s (Fig 2) and Dodge LaFemme are branded to a niche market to get more customers buying their cars. For example the [“Honda Fit She’s the world’s only car aimed exclusively at women”], YAHOO (2012) . This was to change the perception of viewing cars that were masculine so that it attracts the feminine audience. Designing the car more ergonomic, it makes the user feel more comfortable using the product. By advertising and marketing to a wider audience. It makes the company gain more profit and make more sales. This also makes the viewers want to buy their product as it is suitable for their lifestyle.


Figure 2: Honda Fit She’s, the world’s only car aimed exclusively at women.

From these aspects we can conclude that there are different designs and marketing aiming at both masculine and feminine audience. Super cars, aesthetics and performance are mostly aimed at masculine audiences while comfort, ergonomics and safety attracts the feminine audiences.

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